Hydroseeding Products

We sell Profile Products

Profile products are global leaders in erosion control and hydroseeding solutions.

Professional contractors choose Profile above all others and this is why…


Profile’s product performance is outstanding in the industry; delivering superior soil contact and application consistency with best loading capacity on the market. Profile’s years of technical advancement and innovation has developed a range with a proven tracked record and marketing leading performance.


Every batch Profile produce is rigorously tested for quality, with all products tracked to the individual bale. Profile’s unique refinement processes set new standards in mulch quality – with less dust, finer fibres and superior absorption potential.

When using other brands, contractors often experience excessive tackifier dust, dye run-off and poor absorption. In contrast, using Profile products means; less dust due to improved tackifier quality, dust extraction and bale compression; reduced dye run-off due to the absorption capacity of the mulch and quality of the vegetable dye, and optimal water absorption due to Profile’s unique pressurisation process.


Profile products are by far the most consistent on the market. Profile’s processes deliver unrivalled consistency in every bale with no spots, timber debris and ingredient fluctuations. For a contractor this means less plugging, better production output and a far superior application finish.

Transport & Packaging

Bales are packed and compressed better than any other on the market. Importantly, Profile achieves a lower packed moisture level than any other brand, this means bales can be stored for longer periods with a very low risk of mould development.

The quality of bale packaging makes for less bulk, easier strapping and safer transport. The superior packaging means that bales can be stored outside for a period of time, something that could not be advised with other lower quality brands.