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EcoFiber is the highest quality 100% Wood Mulch on the market providing:

  • Longest fibres available
  • Better matting ability
  • No clumping or crusting
  • Quick dispersion in water
  • More moisture holding capacity
  • Best soil bond

EcoFiber’s superior performance capability comes in a user-friendly package through a one-step hydroseeding application.

EcoFiber’s is:

  • Easy to mix
  • Gives great performance with tanks or hoses
  • Green for easy metering

EcoFiber has a non-toxic, green colour added to assist in even application and allow it to blend in with the environment.

Even after its initial work of protecting seeds and enhancing germination, EcoFiber keeps on making a difference by decomposing into carbon dioxide, water and organic matter to further aid plant development.

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