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Safely and quickly decrease soil pH, salts and bicarbonates for healthier, thicker turf.

Aqua-pHix™ is a proprietary blend of chelated, buffered acid designed to help manage hard water and highly alkaline soil. Available in a granular, spray and fertigation formula, it is proven to be more effective than any sprayable acidifier on the market and the most cost-effective treatment for high-pH soils available. Unlike sulfuric acid, Aqua-pHix is safe to the touch and non-corrosive to spray and irrigation equipment.

Aqua-pHix is proven to:

  • Quickly decrease pH of soils to improve plant growth
  • Reduce unwanted salts and reduce bicarbonates in the soil
  • Make nutrients more readily available for plant uptake
  • Minimize leaching or runoff of fertilizer into streams, rivers, lakes and groundwater
  • Loosen soils to improve water infiltration and promote root growth

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