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Hydro App are the only specialist hydraulic erosion control and hydroseeding training provider in the UK.

We offer a range of comprehensive training packages for every machine and product we sell. Our training packages and events are focused specifically on our client’s requirements and can be tailored to the sectors they operate within.

Customers New to Finn Machines

Hydro App trainers and demonstrators are experts in the Finn range. We help contractors get the most out of their new FINN machine, including loading, application, operations and maintenance.

We can tailor our client’s training to their specialist sector or work type. For example our Quarry and Rail focused clients may be delivering applications principally from the turret, whereas additional hose training may be more appropriate for clients working in the Airport or Residential sectors.

With access to a range of demonstration machines we are able to train our customers immediately, so they are up to speed the moment their new Finn is delivered.

Customers New to Hydroseeding and Hydraulic Erosion Control

For many years the hydroseeding sector has been restricted to a handful of contractors. Hydro App Systems are now able to unlock the potential of hydroseeding and hydraulic erosion control systems to others on the market.

We work with landscaping, ecological and environmental contractors to provide them with the equipment and product training required to establish an expert in-house capability.

Hydro App can provide tailored training programmes that take inexperienced operators through the basics of machine loading, operation and maintenance, on to technical high performance erosion control applications.

Existing Erosion and Hydroseeding Contractors

If you are an existing contractor that is new to a particular product or application system, we can help. We provide contractors with the technical product knowledge and practical training required to deliver a perfect ‘on spec’ application. Hydro App trainers are able to give the product tips, advice and guidance that only comes from thousands of hours of hose time, and practical experience.

Hydroseeding in Golf

Greenkeeper and Groundsman Training 


Hydro App Systems provide a complete start-up and training package to golf courses across the UK. Our training programs are specifically designed for greenkeepers – allowing greens teams to unlock the benefits of hydroseeding in all areas of the course.



Training for Architects, Engineers and Specifiers

Hydro App provide product training and CPD style seminars to engineers and architects who would like to know more about specific erosion control techniques and products. This includes training on Profile’s unique PS³ specification builder.

The performance of the next generation hydraulically applied erosion control systems is changing the industry; our training seminars and events uncover the potential of these products and explain where and when they should be specified.

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