Profile Blend

Profile® Blend hydraulic mulch combines 100% Thermally Refined® wood fiber with a “best in class” cellulose fiber to deliver enhanced water-holding capacity, allowing for better germination, fewer washouts and reduced callbacks than other blend products.

  • improves moisture retention
  • improves the suspension of mulch, seed and fertiliser within the slurry and prevents the dewatering of the mulch
  • improves the application of hydraulic mulch in a more uniform layer for better coverage and enhanced product performance
  • improves application efficiency by increasing shooting distance and enhancing hose performance—greatly reducing downtime associated with clogging
  • The blend of wood and cellulose is both easy to mix and spray, combining good yield and erosion control qualities
  • Easy to use and load in equipment – goes into suspension at an accelerated rate, allowing for uniform ground coverage
  • Absorbs water rapidly, forming a homogeneous slurry
  • Maximum slope length of 15 feet (4.6 m)
  • Functional longevity is ≤ 3 months