An effective, cost-saving alternative daily cover (ADC).

BioCover’s hydraulically applied cover meets federal regulations, is less expensive than other alternative covers and is easier to apply. Manufactured from Thermally Refined® wood fibres combined with cellulose fibre and a viscous hydro-colloid tackifier, BioCover™ is the superior alternative to soil, mulch or plastic daily covers.


  • Better for the environment—minimizes the accumulated leachate pockets and leachate seeps that are typically caused by continuous daily soil cover practices; designed as 100% biodegradable and non-toxic
  • Creates a uniform and protective layer that is drastically thinner than comparably effective soil applications, increasing available space and the functional lifespan of the landfill
  • Increases Landfill Gas Management System efficiency—minimizes the number of intermediate impervious layers which increases the capture zone and efficiency of the gas extraction system
  • Utilizes a hydro-colloid tackifier to increase the bond to debris, including plastic and other slick-surface materials