Tacking Agent 3

The #1 recommended all-purpose tackifier.

Tacking Agent 3® has long set the standard as an effective binding agent. It is proven to reduce soil erosion and water runoff immediately after hydroseeding as well as control dust on soils.

  • Multi-dimensional tack requires no cure time and contains marker dye, flocculant and hydrocolloid polymers
  • Binds straw/hay, hydraulic mulchers and can control dust on soils
  • Slickifier increases the shooting distance of the hydraulic mulch slurry
  • Improves water-holding capacity of mulches and marker dye enhances visual metering

Packaging: Seven, 3-lb (1.4 kg) water-soluble bags/case; Four, 8-lb (3.6 kg) bags/case; 80, 25-lb (11.3 kg) bags/pallet; 40, 50-lb (22.7 kg) bags/pallet