Bowie HM 1500S Hydroseeder

Bowie has long been one of the largest and leading hydroseeder manufacturers worldwide. Bowie hydroseeding equipment is renowned for delivering market leading production, with superior mixing and pumping power.

A Bowie unit is capable of mixing and pumping heavier slurries than other hydroseeder brands, and are totally designed with contractors in mind.

A Bowie’s powerful mechanical agitation, and short / straight suction and discharge line design, mean that when coupled with Bowie’s gear pump technology, customers experience less plugging, reduced cavitation, and greater productivity. Bowie units are capable of pumping heavier slurries than other brands that operate with a centrifugal pump; this means greater output per tank whilst saving water across the job. Not only can a Bowie pump a heavier slurry, it can do so over longer hose distances, making tough access projects possible.

All Bowie skid units offered in the UK hold full CE conformity and come with 12 months warranty.

Technical Specifications

Kohler Diesel 74 HP FT4
5” x 3” Centrifugal Pump
16’-4” (498 cm)
7’-9” (236 cm)
8’-2” (248 cm)
Empty Weight
3782 kg
Liquid Capacity
6844 Litres
Optional Equipment
Clear Water Flush System, Engine PTO Ground, Control, Hose Reel
Standard Included Parts and Equipment
4-Nozzles (EC1735, EC1739, EC1740 & EC1749), 4-Part F Quick Couplers, 1-Part D Quick Coupler, 1-Reducer (EC1724), Spanner Wrench, Parts Manual, Engine Manual