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Hydroseeding Equipment:
Renting v Buying?

Hydro App is perfectly placed within our global network of providers and partners to bring UK contractors the most innovative and cutting-edge hydroseeding and hydraulically applied erosion control equipment and technology, all available for hire. And with hydroseeding being a specialised area using machinery that may be required intensively for a period of weeks or months, but then may not be needed for a while, renting machinery instead of buying is the obvious choice.

We offer a wide range of the latest and most innovative machines, capable of working on areas such as coastal erosion control techniques, to planting and maintaining golf courses, railway lines and highways.

We also offering product-specific hydroseeding training courses and seminars for engineers and architects ahead of the hire of your machine – in fact, Hydro App are the only specialist hydraulic erosion control and hydroseeding training provider in the UK. Our hire fleet includes but is not limited to the Finn T30 (1,268 Litre), T60 (2,270 Litre), and T170 (5,678 Litres), offering our clients a range in capacity for projects of all scales.

4 Key Benefits of Renting

1. Financial – while hydroseeding is increasing in popularity and often taking preference over traditional turfing now in many jobs, the initial cost of the equipment makes it a very difficult area for smaller businesses, start-ups and landscape contractors to get into – particularly if the job is not of a large scale. Hiring machinery could potentially open up a whole new avenue for your business, generating more work or more efficiency, without the unattainable overheads.

2. Better results – if your business is in a position where you can hire a higher standard of hydroseeding equipment compared to what you would be able to afford to buy out-right, you’re almost guaranteed better results. Better results mean better reviews and customer satisfaction, allowing you to build a strong hydroseeding reputation for your business.

3. Try before you buy – of course, hiring machinery may be just the beginning for your business. If you’re in a place where you’re considering branching into hydroseeding but you’re unsure of what the long-term demand may be, it’s definitely safer to rent first and buy later. That way, you can also try out different equipment and find out what exactly is the most economic and efficient business investment for you.

4. Corporate benefits – a little known fact, but did you know that hiring hydroseeding equipment could reduce your property tax? Sometimes in the UK, property taxes are reduced when equipment is rented. Speak to your accountant about this possible benefit and if it could apply to you.

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